This year Scanning Ocean Sectors is 10 years old and to mark the occasion we not only redesign our website but have also launched an array of consultancy services.

Our existing website had served us well by connecting us with some very respectable clients in the industry, however, it was showing its age. As part of the redesign we wanted to ensure our brand was portrayed in the best possible light and thanks to Pixel Perfection we achieved this. You can now obtain full details not only on our training courses; marine mammal observer or passive acoustic monitor, but also on our range of marine mammal & environmental consultancy services.

Scanning Ocean Sectors has been providing consultancy services to businesses, corporations and government agencies for almost 10 years and with our highly trained staff we are able to cover an extremely wide range of research, reporting, surveying, mapping and assessment worldwide.

If you would like to find out more on how Scanning Ocean Sectors can assist you with your needs then please contact Yvonne via the online contact form or on 07 4124 8320 (0061 7 4124 8320 from outside of Australia).