Online Interactive Theory for Marine Mammal Observer 

Did you know?

Scanning Ocean Sectors are providers of interactive online training that allows you the international freedom of learning what you choose when you want. You can now take control of your work skills. Enhance your job skills now, advance your career, and get enthusiastic about the work you do and the locations you can now choose*.

If you are a company Owner, Manager, or staff member think about the bonuses of taking the online interactive theory, you can achieve it in your spare time, during work, after work of while working offshore.

As a manager the training will give you the skills and assist in the understanding what must be accomplished from your work team to ensure that all guidelines, protocols and compliance’s are met to a high standard for the work you are doing.

Anyone can take the Scanning Ocean Sectors Online Interactive Theory Courses.

Start with the fundamental basics of becoming a Marine Mammal Observer and get qualified:

If you are required to work in Europe, you can addon to then take the JNCC upgrade;


The Online Interactive Theory Modules must be completed and passed 48 hours before the student can take the practical assessment or the MMO/JNCC upgrade Course.

On completion of the Theory and Practical Assessments

You will receive a formal Scanning Ocean Sectors, Marine Mammal Observer certificate (PDF).

Once you add on the JNCC upgrade the certificate and Identification card authenticates that the staff are JNCC certified (MMO course only) and the issue of the ID card is unique to Scanning Ocean Sectors.

*  Regional work visas apply for all jobs