“It offers our oceans hope, while supporting our energy sectors.” ~ Yvonne Miles, Managing Director of Scanning Ocean Sectors
Our oceans contain the richest, most diverse life on Earth. Here in Australia, we have the third largest marine territory (behind the United States and France) with our continent bordering three mighty oceans – the Pacific, Indian and Southern Ocean.

‘Such global significance brings with it a global responsibility,’ advocates the Australian Marine Conservation Society, and it is therefore imperative that we do all that we can to contribute to the protection of our marine environment. It is our ethical, our corporate and our civic obligation.

Which is why Scanning Ocean SectorsAustralia’s only training provider for Marine Mammal Observers 

[a professional marine environmental consultant], has launched their new Marine Mammal Observers (MMO) Photo ID card.

The first of its kind, the card has been designed and developed to ensure that only qualified MMOs are recruited into MMO jobs, putting a stop to the use of fake qualification certificates (many of which are presented on a global basis to the detriment of our sea life), and offering employers of MMOs in the energy sector such as the gas, oil, mining, dredging and windfarm industries some long-awaited comfort.

“Finally, this step forward in governance means that MMO employers worldwide will be able to guarantee they are taking on qualified professional personnel,” says Yvonne Miles, Managing Director of Scanning Ocean Sectors. “As a result, it is a giant leap forward for our MMOs, putting them at the front of the international queue when it comes to finding work. It also offers our oceans greater hope in terms of their preservation.”

With each card possessing its own unique ID number and personal photo, the high security dockside checks that have to currently occur can also be reduced, saving the industry time and money.

Safe to say, this simple upgrade is set to have a significant impact on the world of marine conservation and compliance.

“Any additional standards that help preserve our planet can only be a good thing,”says Yvonne.


Please note that the ID card will be issued to students that have graduated over the last 3 years. Students that past prior to this will be required to completed a quick online refresher. Please contact us for further details.