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Our exclusive Marine Mammal Observer Refresher Course is now available!

What is the refresher course?

Our refresher course is offered exclusively to students who have completed their MMO training with Scanning Ocean Sectors in the last three years or more. It includes the most up-to-date legal guidelines and monitoring methods in the industry, and is designed to provide you with the additional background knowledge you need to continue as an efficient and confident Marine Mammal Observer.

Why take the refresher course?

The tools within the industry are constantly changing, being familiar with these tools is vitally important to guarantee that your clients know that you are as competent at your job now, as when you first started.

We recommend taking the refresher course every three years, as it not only ensures that your skills are kept current, it’ll help you maintain the confidence to work proactively in the industry.

Register for the refresher course

Are you ready to refresh your Marine Mammal Observer skills with this exclusive course?

Register and upon completion you’ll be issued with an updated MMO certificate, as well as a unique ID card with photo and ID number.