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MSc. in Wildlife Biology and Conservation Management / BSc. Honors in Biology / JNCC recognised Marine Mammal Observer / Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operator

New website, new services

This year Scanning Ocean Sectors is 10 years old and to mark the occasion we not only redesign our website but have also launched an array of consultancy services. Our existing website had served us well by connecting us with some very respectable clients in the industry, however, it was showing its age. As part [...]

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Become an MMO/MFO in 2013

Scanning Ocean Sectors has now released it's Marine Mammal Observer/Marine Fauna Observer training course dates for 2013 in Australia and the UK with plans for courses in South Africa and New Zealand later this year. If you want to take a look at the dates please visit /www.marinemammalobservertraining.com/course/dates/ and to register go to www.marinemammalobservertraining.com/register/

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Last Course for 2012

We are running our last course for 2012 in Hervey Bay, Queensland Australia. If you want to become a Marine Mammal Observer this year then this will be your last chance so make sure you signup straight away. You can register online by here: www.marinemammalobservertraining.com/register/

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Course Dates Updated

Due to popular demand our 2012 marine mammal observer training course dates have been updated. Please make sure you review the change and contact us if you have any questions.

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2012 off to a great start

Our first Marine Mammal Observer training course for 2012 kick-started in Australia and what a course! Firstly, the students had to tackle what turned out to be the worst flooding since the 2011 disasters in Queensland but they persevered stating that they would make the course even if they had to walk and leave their [...]

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Dedicated Facebook Page

We now have a dedicated Facebook Page for all Marine Mammal Observer training course and industry information. Become a fan and keep on top of the latest developments both in and out of the classroom. Become A Fan

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2012 Training Course Dates

Our 2012 training course dates are now available. To view our marine mammal observer training course dates please click here. If you wish to register you can do so online via our registration form here: www.marinemammalobservertraining.com/register/

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New website now live!

After months of feedback we have now completely redesigned our website from the ground up to be more informative, easier to navigate and resource rich. We welcome your feedback so please contact us to let us know what you think.

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MMO Course in Fremantle, WA

Our final MMO course for 2011 is almost upon us. This is the second training course we will be running at IFAP in Fremantle, Western Australia on the 28th November 2011. If you would like to attend then please register online: www.scanningoceansectors.org/training-courses/mmo-register/

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JNCC guidelines reference papers – UPDATED

These papers consist of, seismic, pile driving and explosives and you will need to read them and know them. www.jncc.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=4273 www.mseis.com/download.php?id=8 www.jncc.gov.uk/pdf/JNCC_Guidelines_Piling%20protocol_August%202010.pdf www.jncc.gov.uk/pdf/JNCC_Guidelines_Explosives%20Guidelines_August%202010.pdf

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